About us

Bravesgroup, is an unique illustrations and design studio, started by Ana Patankar, a versatile illustrator with 15 years of industry experience and Mukul, a multi-disciplined designer turned serial entrepreneur.
We focus on the niche world of illustrations – Children book illustrations, comics, caricatures, characters, mascot designs, and stylized illustrations.
Our goal is to provide online services to publishing companies (online or offline), advertising agencies, bloggers, writers, web designers, graphic designers, event managers and diverse people from all over the world.
Along with illustrations services, we also create 'Designer Websites'


We are focused… On quality work and customer service
We are on time… One, ten or hundred illustrations, we deliver on time
We are in Budget…  Our services are flexible enough to fit in your budget.
We are 100% Virtual… We operate totally online. Email & Skype is how we prefer to communicate

Our year 2015 in providing illustrations

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More about the founders

Ana Patankar, Illustrator, comic artist, cartoonist, caricaturist, artist, commercial artist, applied artist, comic strip artist, comic creator, comic maker

Ana, comes with 15+ of illustrations industry experience and has a unique ability to adapt to any style. A brilliant, all-around illustrator, she is a published comics and children book artist with number of her works, caricatures, characters, mascots, cartoons and stylized illustrations, circulating in the digital universe. Her graphic novel on Immigrants, was featured twice in Buzzfeed and Internazionale. An artist in everything she does, Ana is a trained Indian classical dancer, loves to cook, and is a gifted ceramic artist. At Bravesgroup, along with being a primary illustrator, she also plays the role of a quality control gatekeeper.

Entrepreneuer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Comics, cartoons, caricatures, characters, mascots, illustrations, designer

Mukul, a multi-disciplined designer – Graphics, Furniture, and Ceramics – turned serial entrepreneur. He has worked in various industries in the last 15 years, covering diverse areas like furniture design, graphic design, corporate outdoor training, eco-adventure resorts chain, home décor ceramics etc. He loves new challenges, exploring different cultures and dreams of a boundary less, one world and the global reach of Bravesgroup, reflects this philosophy.
He is a multi-tasking management powerhouse, looking after business development & project management, technology, administration, finance and a expert coffee maker.

We are based in Chile, South America and is supported by an international team of associate artists / designers from Greece, Spain, Argentina and Chile. They specialize in different and aspects of illustrations, like penciling, inking, coloring, layouts, typography etc.