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Comics are for everyone! We all grew up, reading, laughing, excited with our favorite comics and graphic novels – Marvel, DC, Tintin, Asterix,  Archies and many more cult comics! But, comics or graphic novels are not necessarily just for laughs and entertainment. This medium can be utilized for education, awareness, marketing and promotions, sales, technical instructions, motivation, philosophical and spiritual discourses and much more.
Bravesgroup specializes in providing online comics illustration services, on all subjects, style and volume, regardless of whether it is one comic frame or a multiple book series.
Click on the titles below or Scroll down to check out are some of our selected works – past and presently work-in-progress.
– The Never House, Issue 1: Uncovering the Legend
– The Smartys: Planet S – Sci-Fi Children’s Comics Project
– ImmigrantX – Human Rights Graphic Novel Project
– Eyes of the Cat – Children’s Graphic Novel Project

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line2The Never House, Issue 1: Uncovering the Legend


Four friends go on a desert hike when the weather blows them off course and into a place they never expected! As they are exploring their mysterious new surroundings, they discover an epic structure, almost like a deserted ghost town, a seemingly endless mansion of curious proportions and styles. This vast and cryptic house appears to have a mind of its own, and a peculiar owner whose legend is told over campfires and and dusty adventure novels. What will they uncover? Will the house be swallowed by the shifting sands and forgotten again!?! Follow the adventure to explore the secrets of The Never House! Following are some sequential sample pages.
Created by Daniel H. Gill from Champster Media and illustrated by Ana Patankar, ‘The Never House, Issue 1: Uncovering the Legend‘ is e-published as available as Kindle edition on Amazon

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line2The Smartys: Planet S – Sci-Fi Children’s Comics


The Smartys: Planet-S, An Unexpected Discovery, is the first of 80+ pages children’s sci-fi comics series, produced by Brainwave, a science education subsidiary of Amar Chitra Katha, India. Focused on the age group of 8 to 14, these comics are set in a fictional future, where the primary characters, based on Albert Einstein, Aryabhatta (The ancient Indian mathematician, who discovered ZERO), Madam Curie and Dr.Dodo, crash land onto a hidden green planet, with a evil alien and his robot army pursuing them for unknown sinister reasons. This comics project is work-in-progress (WIP). Following are some sequential sample pages.

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ImmigrantX – Human Rights Graphic Novel


ImmigrantX – Human rights graphic novel, is a 58 page, two-tone, graphic novel, produced by It Focuses on the plight of immigrants and violation of their human rights due to various anti -Immigration policies. This graphic novel was further translated 4 additional languages; Italian, Spanish, Tamil, Arabic plus featured twice in and the Italian magazine, Following is a sample sequential chapter.

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Eyes of the Cat – Children’s Graphic Novel


Eyes of the Cat – Children’s Graphic Novel is a part of series of 7 graphic novels for children, based on the short stories by a famous Indian writer. The stories focuses on the mutually beneficial and sometimes hostile relationship between people, animals and nature. Set in the stunning backdrop of Indian Himalayas, the project is presently under development. Following is a sequential sample chapter.

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 2 reviews
by Anonymous on Bravesgroup
Bringing Ideas to Life!

Working with Mukul and Ana helped us bring ideas to life and see text turn into beautiful comic panels. What was even more pleasurable was the respect they showed towards the feedback & enhancement process, and the timelines. Together, we have worked on three comic books so far, work on 4 more is under way, and sure there's more to come!

by Anonymous on Bravesgroup
A positive experience

This has been a positive experience for me. Ana and Mukul are able to take a concept and create a living narrative and characters. I have enjoyed the collaboration working with these talented artists and able to advise / support the creative process.