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Children love stories and pictures. Artwork has always been important in children’s books, whether they are hand-painted illustrations of Hercules Labors on papyrus from Bryzantine Egypt or woodcuts in Orbis Pictus or etchings by George Cruikshank in Oliver Twist. Our world and technology has changed in gigantic leaps and bounds, but the essence of the children’s world is still the same, i.e colors and giants, pygmies, princesses and princes, witches flying on brooms, magical fairies, talking animals…all at the same time!
All our Children book illustration projects are created completely in-house by Ana Patankar

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– Silly Sidney
– 2nd Favorite Reindeer
– Pawverbs and Purrables

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Silly Sidney

Silly Sydney is a comical and heartwarming story about a “middle child” trying to find her place in a busy and dynamic family.  It’s a story of patience and understanding as she and her daddy uncover her value and identity during moments of daily chaos.  It’s a lesson for children and parents alike to remain present to each other during the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Published as a paperback version, the book is currently available on and Amazon



2nd Favorite Reindeer

This new children’s book asks who is your – “2nd Favorite Reindeer”?
Everybody know that Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer, but there are 8 more and this book is a story of these 8 and their personalities. Ending with the question… who is your – 2nd Favorite Reindeer’?
Written by Albert Austin from Texas (USA), with superb artwork and cover jacket by Ana Patankar.
Available in kindle (ebook) and paperback version with Amazon.



Pawverbs and Purrables

Written by Yvonne, a US based author, this children’s book is based on proverbs from the Bible and centers around a young man, his adopted stray cats and their adventures.



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 3 reviews
by Anonymous on Bravesgroup
Our synergy was perfect!
Review by: Shane Alvares
Project: Silly Sydney

Ana and Mukul, I honestly could not have completed this with anyone else. Not only were you both incredible on a professional level, but I just felt our synergy was perfect. Mukul, thank you for helping me with every last detail, answering all of my questions (no matter how late I asked them!!) and being so supportive. Ana, you captured the essence of my family with your illustrations. Some things I provided the background, but on others it seemed like you were tapped into our energy. I am forever grateful.

by Anonymous on Bravesgroup
Labor of Love
Review by: Albert Austin
Project: 2nd Favorite Reindeer
Organization: Red 2 Publishing

If you are like me, your project is more than just work. It is a labor of love that is not to be left in the hands of anyone. I am here to confess to you that Ana's hands are more than capable. She is a master craftsman and a professional. On several concepts where I was helplessly stuck, she came to the rescue with ideas that were so magnificent that I was just awestruck. She understand's that there will be last minute hiccups and makes herself available to fix those small ankle bitters that plague a lot of projects at the end. Ana is the most professional artist that I have ever worked with. And I have worked with at least 8.


by Anonymous on Bravesgroup
This was my first book...
Review by: Yvonne Senat
Project: Pawerbs and Purrables

Ana is AMAZING! She is so patient, creative, and really fun to work with! This was my first book and I had no idea it would turn out so well. Everyone compliments the drawings. I HIGHLY recommend Ana for whatever project you have. Just look at her portfolio, she does everything!